Are Online Casinos Rigged?

are online casinos rigged

You might wonder why those three red 7s are come up on a line so often, but never on the middle payline. You might wonder if the software is set to never make the dice roll you way. You wonder: Are online casinos rigged against you? The short answer to this is yes. But the better question to ask is, “Can I win in online casinos?” Fortunately, the answer to this is absolutely. The simple explanation is that while online casino software is rigged, it is not rigged against specific players and it MUST pay out. This basic fact means that if you are in the right place at the right time you must win.

Sure, the law of probability would state the same about a real, land-based casino game, but probability is not certainty. We know with certainty that online games must pay out, lest these online casinos are subject to scrutiny and loss of license, which has happened. Despite the doubters, online casinos–legitimate ones–are subject to fair gaming commission monitoring, just as any real casinos. But online casinos are at a disadvantage because if they don’t pay out, they can come under harsher scrutiny, whereas land-based casinos can easily report that the dice just didn’t fall in favor of the player. Incidentally, all online sites that we review and recommend here on are “legitimate” sites–gaming destinations subject to review by the gaming commission and guaranteed to payout (sometimes often and sometimes big). For a list of our recommended casinos click here. If your would like to view our list of blacklisted casinos with negative intergrity scores, click here.

So the gambler’s next question would be, “How can I take advantage of this knowledge?” The answer is simple, albeit unpredictable. First off, you should become familiar with an online casino’s typical jackpot threshold, because the software (true to its “must payout programming”) will be much more apt to throw you the big bucks. I know that the jackpot for Caribbean Hold’em in the casino seldom goes over $350,000. This means that I love to make a deposit and play when the jackpot at this table exceeds $300,000. I’ll tell you this: My cousin hit a royal straight flush at nearly $340,000 to win the whole pot (clearing a little more than half after taxes). As for me, I have hit countless high-payout hands (four-of-a-kind, fullhouse, flush, etc) at a much, much larger percentage when I think a jackpot is about to bust.

Does this mean that you will always win win jackpots are about to bust? No. But there is a much larger chance that you will catch a streaky gaming experience where you can hardly miss. Where you can–as I have many times–roll in several thousand dollars in minutes. Of course, there is still a better chance that you will have a typical cold-run experience, and you should recognize that and take a break. Play again later. However, I don’t mean to imply that online casinos are an all or nothing proposition. The overwhelming majority of the time you face the same odds and gaming experience on average that you would face in any land-based casino. It’s just that when the payouts online are overdue, things get streaky and you can take advantage!

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