The Best Games to Play at a Casino

To even your odds, the best games to play at a casino (online gambling or in a land-based casino) are those that have the smallest house edge. The smaller the percentage of house edge (such as 1%) the better for you. This number is typically represented in terms of how close to 100% (even odds) your chances of winning are, which is known as the theoretical “Return to Player” or RTP. The RTP can be calculated by: 100% minus the “house edge.” For example, if a game gives the house a 1% edge, you have a 99% winning advantage (odds in your favor), or a 99% RTP. That is not 100% of course, so this means that the house has shaven 1% off of even odds and has a “house edge” of 1%.

The games closest to even odds are almost all table games such as Blackjack, and require knowing the correct strategy to achieve the best odds in your favor. In addition to knowing playing strategy and the odds, some games can also tilt in your favor if you know proper betting strategy such as as how much to bet on what and when to raise your bets.

Best Odds Casino Games based on RTP:

1) Video Poker (TRP Typically About 99.5%)

Video poker flies under the radar for most casino patrons who are lured by the flash and glitz and of modern slot machines or the comradery and relative high odds of table games. Despite this, video poker played properly in the right versions of the right games can provide the closest thing to true odds in an online or land-based casino.

Video poker payout odds can be different depending on the game, but typically a Jacks or Better game played with a perfect strategy can yield a 99.54 percent return to a player on their money. Even without playing perfect video poker strategy where you make occasional mistakes,  your average return will only drop to 99.52 percent.

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2) Blackjack (RTP as high as 99%)

Blackjack is widely considered the best game to play at casino to win money in, especially if you apply the blackjack basic winning strategy. When played correctly, Blackjack has the smallest advantage/house edge of 1%. For players not using basic (or any blackjack strategy) the house edge increases to 2-3%.

Because of how close the odds are to even, Blackjack is the most popular for high roller casino players. Played correctly it is your best bet to win money. And if you increase bets during hot streaks correctly you can do very well quickly.

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3) Baccarat (TRP as high as 98.91%)

Even though it is a game of chance, Baccarat offers perhaps the second best odds in the casino. In addition to playing correctly, the amount you wager is crucial in this game and is more part of the strategy than in Black Jack. Baccarat can be expensive to play but also yields higher payouts than Blackjack–or higher losses.

The average Baccarat casino house edge is 1.09%, which is very good. That means you can win nearly even odds. You can expect to win 49.32% of every hand.

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4) Craps (RTP Generally 98.59%).

You can actually achieve even odds (zero house edge), although the way to play to actually win money typically means playing at a house edge of 1.41%. The thing to understand about craps is that it is really 7 games in one, and you can’t be distracted by the enticing low odds/high payout single roll bets or try to play multiple games simultaneously on each spin. Playing the “pass line” is the standard approach to craps, where you bet on an amount and achieve very good payouts for successful roles. In fact, craps has the best odds in the casino and the best chance to win big when playing the pass line at higher stakes. For this reason—and because it is a fun communal/social game in person–craps is wildly popular.

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5) Slots (RTP from 97.5%)

Thanks to the promise of huge jackpot payouts and the ease and relaxing nature of play, slot games are the most popular games in any casino. There are also a huge variety of slots and thus a wider range of payouts and odds, but you can achieve a house edge as low as 2.5% by playing at higher denominations (larger bets) and on the right games.

Slot machines typically return about 97.5% to players over a period. Because of the very large range of slot games in any casino, as well as how many symbols are on each reel it is not possible to do give an accurate statement of slots odds unless we were analyzing a specific slot game. Overall, slots are fun game that you can make money on over time by making occasionally larger hits as long as you play responsibly and do not “chase losses”

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6) Roulette (RTP from 97.3%)

You can control your odds in Roulette because it is really several games in one. You can make simple bets like black or red or bet or an even or odd number, or you can bet on one number to come up or several numbers. The smaller the chance/odds the better the payout. Roulette is very fun and somewhat mindless game, but if played correctly/seriously, you can achieve a house edge as low as 2.7%–in other words you can achieve a chance of winning at 97.3% on each spin.

These odds do vary depending on whether you play American or European style roulette. Both games have numbers between 1-36 you can bet on as well as all the other bets like black or red or even or odd, etc. The only difference between the two styles is that American Roulette has two green zeros (0 and 00), which serve to give the house an edge. European style roulette only has one zero, which means a slightly lower house edge.

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7) Pai Gow Poker (RTP is 97.16%, but can be 98.58%)

Pai Gow takes it’s 2.84% house edge from the playing house rules against a player who is not the banker. Most of that edge comes from players losing a tie to the bank, and the remainder comes from a commission paid on winning hands.

Players incease their chances to win when they become the bank in Pai Gow poker. If the casino allows them to bank half of their hands, they will lower the negative expected return from 2.84 percent down to 1.42 percent. If they’re able to bank more hands, they can reduce these negative odds further.

By learning proper Pai Gow poker strategy you can increase your chances of winning by about 0.15 percent, which can be significant over many hands. That means dropping the house edge from 2.84% down to 2.69%

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8) Three-Card Poker (RTP from 96.63%)

Three-Card Poker is fun and easy to play. You are dealt three cards and the dealer is dealt three cards. The object is to have your three-card poker hand to beat the dealer’s three-card poker hand. First you make an Ante bet. After receiving your three-card hand, you can fold your Ante or make a bet equal to your Ante bet before the dealer’s hand is revealed. If you win, you win both of your bets. The Ante and Play wagers pay even money (1:1). The player’s bets push when there is a tie. There is also an additional side bet that lowers your overall odds of winning but provides enticing additional payouts for excellent Three-Card poker hands such as a straight or flush.

On average, when the player has 44.91% odds of winning a hand, which means the dealers have a 55.03% of beating you. Odds of a tie are 0.06%. If you start to play the side bets that have the higher payouts, your odds slip.

Note that this is not the case if you play another table game that incorporates Three-Card poker within it, as has become popular in many casino games such as Let it Ride. In that case, Three-Card Poker is treated as a side game on top of the ante wager required for Let it Ride, and the house edge goes up considerably overall.

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