Slots Odds and Your Chances to Win

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Paying attention to slots odds can drastically impact your chances to win money playing slots, although it can be difficult to know the payouts for any given slots game. Aside from the very few criminal online casino operators out there (some of which are listed on our blacklisted casinos page), online slots are very fair, safe, and utilize a random number generator (RNG) to delivery truly random results that overtime delivery an approximate house edge ranging from 0-9%. That means that in general, slots have the highest house edges in any casino with various game exceptions. To minimize that house edge and increase your odds in slots, check out this article and item number 5. Thanks to RNG technology, every spin of the slots reels online is independent from the previous spin.

The Odds–expressed as “Return to Player” or RTP–are inconsistently but often posted in the rules or paytable section of a given online slots game. We have determined that slots on average have an RTP of 97.5% as best-case average when players do not make mistakes where possible and follow these slots tips. Of course, choosing the wrong games and chasing jackpots and playing recklessly can drastically lower the average RTP for a given player.

Assuming at RTP of 97.5%, that means there is a house edge of 2.5% (which we get by subtracting the RTP from 100%). The 97.5 number tells us that for every $100 a player wagers on slots, that player can expect a return of $97.50, or a loss of $2.50. Of course, that is not say that you can’t hit a higher payout or even a jackpot! It is important to note that the 97.5% return is an aggregate of the top-rated slots games and that each slot game offers a different RTP/house odds, and that you will always have the opportunity to win between $0 and the maximum prize possible for any given game.

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