7 Tips For How to Win Money Playing Slots

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How to win at slots you say? Sure. It’s certainly not a guarantee, but with these 7 slots tips for how to win money playing slots, you can help level the playing field and drastically increase your chances of winning money playing slots.

1. Seek out higher RTP/Better Odds Slots

Slot machines are the most diverse form of casino gaming there is, with types of slots, rules, payouts, jackpots, house edges and odds varying wildly from game to game. The good news is that some slots have much lower Return to Player (RTP) percentages–meaning better odds for the player–so naturally you can do some research and seek out those games with the better RTP. The bad news is that these are not commonly published rates anywhere and not something casinos would necessarily want players to know. From our own research, here is the top-ranked slots casino and best odds slots game for RTP:

Top slots game: Golden Buffalo

Read our review about this leading odds slots game here

Where to play Golden Buffalo: Bovada.lv, Slots.lv

Top-Ranked Slots Casino: Slots.lv

2. Don’t Chase the Huge Jackpots

Without fail, the slots games that have the best RTP and give you the best chances to win are those without any progressive jackpots or at least those with smaller jackpots. Random jackpots are very common with slot games and even the smaller ones are extremely rare to hit–much less likely than the top paytable prize–and you should never play a slot game because of a jackpot. Rather, you should avoid games with large jackpots. Those games stack the odds against you on every spin with a larger house edge in exchange for offering a jackpot that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than hitting.

3. Know the Paytable

The most important thing you can do on any slot machine you decide to play on is to learn the pay table. When you know the payouts you can make more informed decisions. Of course, knowing the payouts in tandem with the odds for each result would be ideal, but you should assume you will never know the odds of a given result except for the fact that your odds are less for higher paying results.

4. Practice with Free Games

Practice makes perfect with anything and that maxim applies to a degree at slots. Most slots are a matter of pure luck of course, although increasingly many offer choices and strategy that can impact your RTP. For that reason, but also to simply familiarize yourself with how a slot game and it’s payout system works, you should play at least a few rounds for free if you can find a free version of that slot. You can find free games to practice on and enjoy here.

5. Establish a Budget

You never want to sit down to a slots session without having a sense of your personal loss floor and win ceiling and operating within your budget. As always, gambling should be fun and you should never risk more than you are prepared to lose.

6. Maximize Your Potential

Always bet the max on penny slots and on any slots game that offers prizes only possible with max spins. For example, on the popular Wheel of Fortune game, you cannot win the “Spin” feature which triggers a spin of a bonus prize wheel–which is where most people who walk away from the game a winner do their damage. You have to be in it to win it they say, and that applies here.

7. Become a Bankroll Management Pro

Because you can bet a wide range of denominations on any give slot spin and because each slot spin is not dependant on the previous spin, you want to be sure to maximize the number of spins you can make at an acceptable bet level. As we said in tip 6, if there are prizes only available with the maximum spin amount, you need to follow that, which will result in fewer spins for you. If you have $100 to play with and the max spin amount is $5, you will only get 20 spins (assuming no wins which is unlikely). However, if there is no benefit or payout features to a max spin, you are better off reducing your bet amount to say $1 so that you get 100 spins. The more spins the better your chance at winning a large payout. The same applies even if there are multiple pay lines.

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